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    Gwen Janicki, Strictly Main Line Real Estate - You want to know what a home sells for, not what it's worth. Zillow is off by 20% in the Main Line Market and even more in certain areas within it. Get a no obligation quote with an analysis supporting the value. Click here to learn more. http://strictlymainline.net/home-evaluation-sml/

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    Gwen Janicki, Strictly Main Line Real Estate - This schedule and some occasional elbow grease can keep your house nice and clean.

    Leave Dust Behind realsimple.com

    Let this streamlined checklist simplify your cleaning routine.

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    Gwen Janicki, Strictly Main Line Real Estate - OPEN HOUSE! Sunday 9/25 1-3 PM 501 Righters Mill Rd. Penn Valley. Lower Merion Township and schools! Don't want to let go of summer? The kids are still in this heated pool! Come out and see this lovely stone colonial home AND its beautiful, serene setting.

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    Gwen Janicki, Strictly Main Line Real Estate - If you like our service or have feedback to share, don't forget to leave a review on our site.

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    Let us know how we're doing!

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    Keeping Your Main Line Home Debris Free

    There’s definitely a chill in the air, and Main Line homes will soon start to experience the first storms of the season. Now is a great time to clear away any debris from the exterior of your home. If you have spider webs, your home might be well on its way to resembling a haunted […]

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    Consider The Tax Benefits Of Owning Two Homes

    Even if you are in love with your Main Line home and have not thought about buying a second one somewhere else, you may reconsider after looking at the tax benefits of owning two homes. Many politicians and celebrities use their ownership of two homes to ease their tax burden and so can you! Buying real estate is […]

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