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    Gwen Janicki, Strictly Main Line Real Estate - They look super cool and they're so easy to make.

    Stop the Bugs: DIY Insect Torches americanlifestylemag.com

    If there’s one thing that can ruin a summer get together—it’s mosquito's. Nothing is more annoying and itchy. When the bugs start to swarm, rather than grabbing an outdoor repellent loaded with chemicals, use one of these easy, homemade versions. They’re not only pretty when lit, but they also help…

    3 days ago

    Gwen Janicki, Strictly Main Line Real Estate - Attention Pinterest fans! You just might pick up some pro ideas here to make your home magazine-worthy.

    Design Your Home Like a Pro americanlifestylemag.com

    Do you find yourself swooning over home decor and design magazines? Is your Pinterest “Home Decor” board filled with inspiration? If you wish your home had a bit more design pizazz, you can get your very own magazine-worthy living space just by playing up the strengths of your home. Learning some ba...

    3 days ago

    Gwen Janicki, Strictly Main Line Real Estate - Clients love to hear that a local Trader Joe's is nearby. I'll need to add Crunchy Slaw to my 'must try' list. They did omit some of my favorites like Pastrami Style Smoked Atlantic Salmon, Wasabi mayo, and triple ginger cookies (don't get me started).

    What America's Buying at Trader Joe's Right Now thrillist.com

    Get familiar with Bollywood Popcorn.

    3 days ago

    Gwen Janicki, Strictly Main Line Real Estate - This was published several months ago but certainly worth re-reading because it's true and it's so funny. What do you think?

    10 Things Philadelphians Are Irrationally Passionate About thrillist.com

    Because your kiss is what I miss when I turn out the light!

    4 days ago
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    If you’re an animal lover, a four-legged friend can make your Wynnewood home feel more complete. However you may discover that your neighbors do not embrace that same opinion. If you have an dog in yourMain Line home, you can follow a few easy rules to keep the peace with neighbors who may not be fans. By all […]

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    Keeping Your Main Line Home Debris Free

    There’s definitely a chill in the air, and Main Line homes will soon start to experience the first storms of the season. Now is a great time to clear away any debris from the exterior of your home. If you have spider webs, your home might be well on its way to resembling a haunted […]

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    Consider The Tax Benefits Of Owning Two Homes

    Even if you are in love with your Main Line home and have not thought about buying a second one somewhere else, you may reconsider after looking at the tax benefits of owning two homes. Many politicians and celebrities use their ownership of two homes to ease their tax burden and so can you! Buying real estate is […]

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