Strictly Main Line


It takes a local pro to navigate Main Line real estate and match a Buyer to the ideal home—and my Virgo tendencies cause me to want to keep looking until that perfect match occurs. I am not about making a fast sale but making the right sale. I have the patience and desire to keep looking until the house of your dreams makes you want to rush to my office to write an offer. I am also interested in building customers for life, so when you are ready to move again, I will be the first one you will call.

I am so much more than a Realtor®, I am your Main Line Ambassador, concierge and guide all in one, eager to welcome you to the neighborhood.  No one has more patience or works harder for their buyers than I do.  I encourage you to check my testimonials and see what past clients have said about me.  Their picture of me is worth a thousand words. You will be impressed by my far-reaching commitment to serve you well and to educate you about buying Main Line real estate.

Six Important Tips When Buying Main Line Real Estate

Find the Right Main Line Realtor®

Finding the right Main Line Realtor® is one of the most important home-buying decisions you will make, so do your homework. Before deciding to buy a home on the Main Line, it is vital that you have a local professional and experienced Buyer’s Agent as your advocate. Listing Agents represent the Seller’s interests and they are contractually obligated to get the best price for their Seller. As your trusted advisor and advocate, I will:

  • Provide you with free home-finding, negotiating, and closing services. The Seller pays all commissions, so my services cost you nothing. I will find you the right home; determine its value; negotiate its price; and manage inspections, financing, contingencies and get you to and through settlement.
  • Actively listen to your needs and goals, so together, we’ll find the best Main Line home for you and your family.
  • Use my experience to provide you with practical, expert knowledge of the Main Line market and use the most up-to-date technology to screen properties, write offers, and manage the entire settlement process.

Buying Your Own Home Is One of the Smartest Moves You’ll Ever Make 

As a Main Line real estate owner, you’ll be able to:

  • Build equity in your home as you pay down the principal on your mortgage and historically, most homes rise in value.
  • Stabilize your monthly expenses, since unlike rent, fixed-rate mortgages are more stable.
  • Reduce your tax bill since the interest you pay on your mortgage and property taxes are tax-deductible

Find The Right Mortgage Lender

You’ll need to determine how much house you can comfortably afford and you will need a pre-qualification letter from a mortgage lender in order to make an offer on a home. The process is easy and it will give you precise information on how much you can afford.

Give yourself added leverage with Sellers by going beyond pre-qualification and get a pre-approval. Here the lender will take a more in depth look at your financial picture.  You will submit an application supported by a few simple documents (prior year W-2, most recent bank statement and most recent pay stub to verify employment status). I can help you identify a reliable mortgage professional who will be sure to get you to settlement.

Searching For Your Main Line Dream Home

Based on our discussions about location, needs/wants and price range, I will do an exhaustive and on-going search of Main Line properties that meet your criteria. We will then begin to visit homes and I will take notes on your reactions so that subsequent house-hunting gets more and more productive.

Negotiating the Offer

Once you’ve found the perfect home, together we will decide exactly how much you should offer, and develop a negotiating strategy. If you offer too little, you run the risk of losing the property to another Buyer; if you offer too much, the home may not appraise and you will not be able to get a mortgage unless you can come up with more cash.  I will help you determine a reasonable price range by comparing several similar properties in the same neighborhood that have sold within the last six months. As your advocate and negotiator, I will lead the process and insist on the best deal for you. Negotiations may go back and forth for days before you put together an acceptable deal.

Never Fail to Have a Home Properly Inspected

You love the Main Line home you just found and want to purchase it! But, you need to detach yourself emotionally and objectively evaluate a professional home inspection, so you’ll gain knowledge and hopefully the peace of mind that ensures you’re making a sound purchase. In addition, hire the best home inspectors you can afford. This holds true for new construction as well. This is one of the biggest purchases you are likely to make, so hire the best and don’t subject yourself to surprises later.  In addition to a home inspector, you’ll want to consider mold, termite, radon, chimney and roof inspections.  I always encourage my Buyers to hire specialty inspectors whenever possible.