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Welcoming Pets Into Your Wynnewood Home

pets-and-your-home-300x300If you’re an animal lover, a four-legged friend can make your Wynnewood home feel more complete. However you may discover that your neighbors do not embrace that same opinion. If you have an dog in yourMain Line home, you can follow a few easy rules to keep the peace with neighbors who may not be fans.

By all means, respect the fact that some people are truly afraid of dogs no matter how small. Be sure to train your buddy not to jump on people, large and small. And, when your  neighbors invite you over, be sure to leave your furry friend home. Although Snowball or Harley may be part of your family, your friends probably will not be expecting any additional guests, especially in the form of animals.

When out walking, keep your furry friend on a leash and be prepared to pick up after your pet. If you have a cat, be sure to keeps the litter box clean to discourage it from using a neighbor’s sandbox.

While you can’t always calm a dog on command, don’t allow him to constantly growl or bark. Control noisy dogs by creating an environment in your Wynnewood home that your pet finds relaxing. It’s important to keep the peace between your non-animal loving neighbors and your pet, if you are willing to teach your pet to be a good neighbor, too!


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